The EYE Film Museum - Panorama/360° Movies

EYE Film Museum and Martin Scorsese Exhibition

If you love all about movies, one spot you can’t miss in Amsterdam is the EYE Film Museum. Located in the north of the city, the place not only works as a movie theatre with alternative/cult movies, both modern and old, but it is also home of a permanent exhibition about how the cinema started and time by time you can find different exhibitions about people who made their names on the seventh art. Until September 3, the chosen one is Martin Scorsese. Although Amsterdam North is not so touristy, the access is easy and you can find a couple of cool things to do. To cross the IJ river and arrive there you only need to take a free ferry right behind the Central Station. The EYE side is approachable with the line 901 Buiksloterweg and the trip lasts less than five minutes.

Ferry 901 Buiksloterweg

Already in the north, it’s easy to find the EYE Film Museum: from the ferry final stop, look to your left, the big modern construction. It’s there. In your way, don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the IJ River and spot how is Amsterdam Central Station from the other side.

The EYE Film Museum

Once in the museum, you’ll need tickets. For exhibitions, the price is €13 (if you’re under 18, it’s €5). And for movies, it’s €10 (you can check their calendar here). You can also combine exhibition + film and pay the special price of €19,50 and believe me: you’ll spend a whole day immersed on cinema. The exhibition ticket gives you access both the permanent and the limited one, so it’s a fair price for what you get. Shall we start?

Martin Scorsese Exhibition

Any fan of the director would go crazy with the selection of memorabilia found in this exhibition. Made with the support from Scorsese himself, it even counts with a curated programme of his favourite movies and biggest influences on his career. Walking through the rooms, you discover everything that turned a regular Sicilian-American in the most nominated filmmaker in Oscar history. From his family relations to his perception of the Mafia – a reality on his neighbourhood Little Italy, New York -, every experience had an essential role in Scorsese’s work. Along his career, he found great partners (on screen, you’ll probably think about Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio) and was able to translate his own universe to movies, documentaries, tv series and even music videos. If you like Martin Scorsese, this exhibition is a must see.

The EYE Film Museum – Panorama

The permanent exhibition is a bit small but really fun! To begin, you can discover how the cinema was developed with devices used on the early days. Magic lanterns, mutoscopes and old and historic cameras, like a Mitchell, are in the collection. You also can manually run and understand how a projector works while seeing images from another era.

Manual Projector

The presentation also features a big room with 360° projections, where you choose to watch movie clips based on curiosities presented to you on small stations. Then, you’re ready to play! On the Green Screen, you make your own movie using a selection of many backgrounds. You can also keep a memory of your day producing a Flipbook using a short film made by you. When you’re ready to chill, you can enjoy capsules with a mini cinema up to three people. The catalogue has short and long movies with a big range of styles and ages. As well as a movie quiz, where you can test your film knowledge. Some questions are about Dutch movies, but you have fun anyway, mainly if you’re playing against somebody.

The EYE Mini Cinema

The EYE Film Museum opens every day from 10 am. The exhibitions can be visited until 7 pm, but you can stay afterwards for the movie theatre or the restaurant. Click here to consult the opening hours.

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