How is having a pet pig? (or a Love Letter to Pablo)

It was a crappy day in April 2015. I can’t even remember why I was feeling that bad, the only thing that remained was the great memory of discovering my pig would be born later that year (June 22 to be precise). Male and spotted, my only requests.

On September 1st Pablo officially came to my life. Such a small and sweet creature. I learnt that day I’ve found whatever I was looking for.

Pablo’s first day home

Everything was way easier than I expected. When people say pigs are smart, they really mean it. I’ve read a quite large selection regarding pig’s education, but in the end, I didn’t do much to get Pablo behaving well. It was just natural for him to make our small garden his toilet, and he understood quickly he is supposed to play only with his toys, not my furniture.

Every day is a new learning, a new laugh, a new reason to love each other. We’ve been through a lot, and even during my bitterest moments, I knew everything would be alright because Pablo was there for me.

Since I’m having such a positive experience, I can’t help but recommend a pet pig to everyone. Although, I know having a pig is not for everyone, and I’ll try to be as realistic as possible so you can make your own decision.

They grow up

Forget about teacup pigs, they are just babies. Pablo is a Juliana Pig, also known as micro, and he is 37 lbs. If we talk about minis, the weight can increase up to 150 lbs. Not every breeder is reliable, and some may even lie promising a tiny pig. Do your research and don’t trust anyone advertising adults with a baby size, it’s not only a scam, but also cruelty.

Before and after

They need a garden

Even domestic pigs require some outdoor time. Having at least a small garden with free access is essential, as they like to sunbathe and keep their toilet a bit far from the place they actually live.

Sun = happiness

They don’t love you immediately

Pigs can take days to develop some feeling about you. They’re pretty much like people on this topic: if you don’t love anybody straight away, why should a pig blindly trust a stranger who just took him home? You must be kind and patient to earn their love, but once the relationship is built, it’s forever.

They are a forever-toddler

All the good and bad things included. They’re sweet and kind, but also can have temper tantrums when things don’t go the way they want them to. Supernanny knowledge may be useful. Pigs4Ever is also an excellent source about educating a pig.

They have their personality

Every pig is different. The general behaviour is part of a pattern, but tastes and singularities are completely up to your pig and the environment you provide. Do your best to get the best. Pablo, in particular, is calm, affectionate, hates cold, loves to cuddle and is stubborn as hell.

I know it’s love <3

Only you can answer if you can or can’t be a pig person. Still, think carefully if you want to go forward with the idea as pigs are a commitment up to 20 years.

It’s been two years since I got Pablo. And since then, there’s not a single day that my heart doesn’t melt while looking at him.

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  1. My husband wants a pet pig – I have not quite gotten behind the idea yet. LOL

    1. Hahaha I’m biased towards the yes, so you shouldn’t trust me. Think objectively about the pros and cons, but what I can say it’s Pablo is the best pet ever!

  2. Oh my goodness! Hi, Pablo!! It sounds like he is your touchstone. It’s so sweet💕
    I seriously want a micro pig. Pablo is a little smaller than our golden retriever. Do they get along with other animals?

    1. He is just amazing <3 Yeah, and talking about size, not only weight, he is in between a French and an English Bulldog, not that big at all. Pablo has a lot of dog friends and knows a couple cats. so overall, you only need to get him used to other animals since they're babies and it'll be fine.

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