Journey – The Game

If there’s something anyone should know about me is that I love video games. In fact, I collect them and spend most of my day playing some sort of game. And there’s one that was really important to me and if I could, I would make everyone play it at least once. Let’s talk about Journey – The Game.


Journey is an indie game developed by Thatgamecompany and released on March 13, 2012, on PlayStation 3. Now you can also find it on PlayStation 4 and it’s exclusive to PS consoles. The game has no dialogues or even a story for you to follow. All you have to do is follow a light and make your (duh) journey to it. The gameplay is short, something about 2 to 4 hours, and you can beat it in one sitting – and I really recommend you do that.

The first time I played it was right after my father passed away and man, that was a very intense game night for me. First of all, I didn’t know that the game was multiplayer after the first screen. It was a shock finding out another player, with no ways to communicate other than patience. The scenarios are WONDERFUL, really. The soundtrack is so good that I think it even deserves a post only for it (it was even nominated for a GRAMMY. I swear).

The game starts with you sitting on a sand dune and at distance, you can see something like a shooting star, that is the light you have to follow. You got absolutely no explanation about what you have to do and it only shows you simple commands. That’s it. You are on your own.

It’s an emotional game. Even though you have no story to follow you can pretty much understand what’s the goal. You can experience it in several forms, like trying to collect all the trophies or just enjoying the view. After you complete your journey, you can play it all over again, and once you collect all the secrets, you become another type of player, you receive a White Robe. For the community, having a white robe means you are willing to help other players you may encounter. Before the white one, you have a different robe on red where you keep winning embroidered badges that indicate how many times you had completed the game.

Far Left – Hasn’t beaten the game. Left – Has beaten the game once. Right – Has beaten the game twice. Far Right – Has beaten the game three or more times. – @Wikia



The game makes a parallel with life. You have the beginning, the struggles and the end. And the developers made quite clear that in co-op mode the game (or even life) is much easier.  As in life, you have opportunities to face your opponents or go on ~stealth mode~ and try to run away from them.

It’s a great game for you to think about life, your journey and the people that come along with you. You should really try it someday.

Much Love

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