My Favorite Affordable European Makeup Products

Everybody who comes to Europe for the first time falls in love with the diversity of beauty products that you can find here. Good quality with awesome prices is really attractive to anyone who has a little bit of interest in the makeup world. I live in Germany since 2013 already, and I’ve been trying lots and lots of those products since then. Here are my favorite ones, some of them are not from Europe, but still really accessible if you want to buy them here.

Real Techniques Brushes

I was a girl from the “Buy from China” team until I met those little miracles. Those brushes are amazing and I carry them everywhere I go. They have light weight, are quite compact and fit in any normal sized makeup bag. Since I have a lot of experience with cheap brushes, I got amazed on how the RT brushes don’t lose hair after some months of usage. The basic set with 4 facial brushes (concealer, foundation and powder) costs around 20€.

Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline

Dark spots appeared in my face during and after pregnancy. It’s normal, I know, but still made me feel terrible. I buy this concealer at least once a month because this little thing just saves my day. I use it to finalize my eyebrows, to correct age signs or just to disappear with my puffy morning face when I have an early appointment. It’s probably the cheapest concealer of Maybelline, for 4,50€ each.

P2 Ultra Matte Foundation

There’s a store here in Germany called “dm”. It’s super famous for having their own brand of products, from shampoos until makeup, from healthy food until cleaning products, you may find everything you need in this amazing store. P2 is a brand that you can only find at “dm”. Before I start using this foundation, my favorite one was the Studio Fix from MAC. During a time when I was short on money and my foundation was over, I had to find cheaper alternatives and, guess what? I never bought the Studio Fix again! The P2 Ultra Matte has the same coverage and lasts as long as the Studio Fix does. And the best thing about it is the price! You find the P2 Ultra Matte for 4,95€! Amazing and cheap!

Bourjois Bronzer

I’m a Brunette with a weird pale light beige skin, but I don’t feel comfortable using dark concealer to make contour in my everyday look. So this is my trick. The Bourjois bronzer is dark enough to give you that tan skin you need to look healthy even on your bad days. It costs 5€ each and you can find it in some big drugstores, like Douglas, for example.

Technic Colour Fix Concealer Palette

Every time I have some important event, I like to invest a little more time in my makeup look. That’s when I use this palette because it has all the colors I need to make the perfect contour. I bought this one at TK Maxx and I paid 4€.

Catrice Prime and Fine Primer

Catrice is super famous in the whole Europe for being good and cheap. My favorite Catrice product is definitely this primer. It gives me such a smooth skin, you can’t notice any imperfection after finishing the makeup. It costs 4,99€ and lasts forever. I can’t even remember the last time I bought this one!

Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara


This might be the most expensive item on this list. But still, this mascara is amazing. I’ve tried different brands and I swear, I never had such amazing results with only one layer application. No eyelash curlers or fake lashes needed. That’s perfect for when you’re in a hurry and need to look good. I don’t think I’ll use another mascara after discovering this one. I bought it for 29€ on Amazon.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Color: London)

A lot of my make up tricks I’ve learned following some bloggers and new fashion icons of our decade, finding on them the inspiration for my looks. I remember the first time I saw Kylie Jenner wearing a nude matte lipstick. I wanted to have that lip color as fast as possible, and that was the moment I met “London”, from NYX, best Lip cream ever. Lasts quite long, but I always carry it with me. I love the lip kits from Kylie too, but this one will always be my favorite. For 6,99€ at Douglas drugstore.

Stores: Douglas, “DM”, TK Maxx

All the stores I mentioned (except for TK Maxx) have testers that you can try and check what color is the best for you. I hope you enjoyed the tips and I see you next time!


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