Not a Teenager Anymore at Lollapalooza Paris

There was a time I would die for my favourite artists. I desperately needed to buy every album, watch everything they were a part of and, of course, attend every concert. Since it was a bit complicated living in Brazil and well, no international artist would go there frequently on the 00s, any opportunity was a main event. Festivals were my life, bringing so many people I admire together. Today, I don’t even care about all the artists I used to look up to. And this weekend, at Lollapalooza Paris, I found out I’m a totally different person. Life changes.

I didn’t arrive many hours before just to ensure my place at the front row. I didn’t even have the ambition to be on the front row. With that in mind, I didn’t sacrifice a whole festival experience in order to be a couple yards away from my favourite artists, and boy, I wish so much I had this vision before. A festival like Lollapalooza is like a micro-city full of music and cool things to do, and I feel like I lost a lot of time standing in front of a single building.

Casually looking to nowhere at Lollapalooza

The lineup had four artists I was looking forward to seeing, two on each day. On the first one, I watched them from really far away. On the second, I got lucky and was a little closer. The difference? I can’t see any, I had exactly the same fun each day not only watching performers I like but discovering new artists, playing old video games and having amazing (and fairly priced) food. I had an experience, not a duty as a fan. And here goes my highlights.

Day One – July 22

I left Amsterdam a little delayed and arrived in Paris around 2pm, losing the festival beginning. The 16 years old Danielly would faint, but since I didn’t know any band playing so early, I just decided not worry about things I couldn’t change. I had plenty of time to take a shower, do my makeup… Everything was really fine and I arrived on Hippodrome de Longchamp, the place that hosted Lollapalooza Paris, at 4pm. And as you can expect from somebody who just travelled five hours, I was starving.

I may look a little yokel here, but this was my first non-Brazilian festival and I am used to very limited options when the subject is food. Now, imagine my shock when I found a lot of food trucks offering so many possibilities with a good price. I wanted to eat EVERYTHING. But well, my stomach couldn’t handle so much and I ended up choosing an Argentinian barbecue. Such a great choice, it was amazing.

The most beautiful thing you’ll see today

After eating, it was time to properly enjoy the festival. I saw The Hives really far from the stage, but I couldn’t care less about it. I had my space to dance, jump and just enjoy the amazing performance they made. Then I headed to play Super Nintendo on the video game tent (and as I always say, there’s no such thing as too much Super Mario) and after, I watched half of London Grammar concert before going to the headliner The Weeknd.

The Hives: far but fun

He has so many hits. Definitely a concert to keep singing and moving your body. For me, he hasn’t much of stage presence, but his live singing is really good and the special effects on the stage were great. An amazing finish to the first day.

Just look at this stage!!

Day Two – July 23

I was planning to arrive early to watch Charli XCX, but I ended up leaving the hotel at the time she was already performing. Maybe next time. So I saw a bit of a couple bands I didn’t know about and had lunch before playing Super Nintendo again (I may have an addiction). I went to Editors concert, but before it ended I noticed that Liam Gallagher‘ stage wasn’t crowded yet. It was literally on the side of the stage I was and I still could see everything on the big screens, so it wasn’t a hard decision go there.


Luckily Liam played a fair amount of Oasis’ songs (I really don’t follow his solo career) and finished with the classic Wonderwall. The whole festival sang it with him. And then, after almost two full days acting very mature at Lollapalooza, Lana del Rey happened. I just love this woman and she would perform at the same stage as Liam, one hour after his concert. So I stayed there to keep my place.

On the stage on the side, Pixies was playing. So it was a pleasant waiting and the time went by really fast. Before long, Lana was already in front of me singing all the songs I love. She is terrific. Maybe because she was the only one I wasn’t only looking forward to watching, but I am really a fan, I felt the concert was too short and I missed a lot of songs on her setlist. But it was great anyway.


The headliner of the day was Red Hot Chilli Peppers. And I know a lot of people may hate me right now but… I don’t like them that much. I watched the concert beginning, major hits, and then left on my way to Sephora to buy a lipstick I can’t find in Netherlands and I wouldn’t have time to buy on the next day lol.

And this ended my Lollapalooza Paris experience. It was intense, casual and extraordinary. Can’t wait for my next festival as a grown up.

Brazilian living in Amsterdam trying to figure out life. Football fan, makeup obsessed and fashion victim, is so eclectic that kinda doesn't fit in stereotypes. Loves travelling and wants to discover the world.
  1. I am so jealous! That looks like so much fun! And that food, yes!

    1. It was my first festival in years! If you can go to one, it worth it!! And omg, I still can taste the food <3 hahaha

  2. I’m getting a bit creaky for the full festival experience (though gigs are still fine!), but I really felt I was there. Sounds brilliant!

    1. I’m glad you could feel a bit of the festival through my post! It’s not a thing to do everyday, but when there’s a lot of people you like together, it’s amazing 🙂

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