Top 5 best apps – Photography Edition

Nowadays you can take the most incredible photos on your phone, there are even some exhibitions that only have mobile pictures taken by famous photographers. So, if you want to step up your game you need to use some image editors where you can change contrast, saturation or even the colors of your image.

Here are 5 ones that I think are the most useful and easy to use.


Cover art

The must-have-app for all the Instagrammers out there. You have a good collection of free filters and you can customize it very well. The Kim-Kardashianesk 80’s Style photos can be achieved with this app.



Cover artThe most useful for any kind of collage. If you are on a diet or a new skin care routine you can make a Before-And-Afer in no time with it.



Cover artThis Google app has great features for the photographer-wanna-be in you. With advanced tools, you can sharpen any edges, play with contrast and even make some dirty looking pictures with the Grunge style.



Cover artWith this one, you have a very clean interface, very good free filters and an easy to use tools. It’s the only one that is not free. But I think that the clean interface and the simplicity make it worth.



Cover artIt’s loaded with ads, but when you learn how to manage that you find very useful tools. The one I most like is the Prisma-like effects. You can take your pictures to the more “artsy” side with that.


Hope you all have a nice time taking some photos and making the world more beautiful.
Much love

Cover photo by @Jay Wennington

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